Latinas of the world, misbehave!

Latinas, feel free to misbehave. As it turns out, our bad habits, misdeeds and pecadillos are all rooted in our traditional, patriarchal, Catholic rearing which makes us naturally submissive and subordinated to men, and therefore prone to fall into their arms no matter what.

At least that was the explanation given by jailhouse psychologist Magdalena Sanchez, who allegedly had a torrid love affair with an inmate at the Brooklyn federal detention center and then lied about it to investigators.

Sanchez pleaded not-guilty, and in fact she has reportedly used her 2003 dissertation as part of her defense. In it, the New School graduate argues that women are traditionally “submissive” to men, and that “historically, the roles of Latinas have been of self-sacrificing wives and mothers and of subordination to men.”

The trick might have worked out nicely: it has been reported that Sanchez’ husband, a respected Wall Street exec, not only paid the $100,000 bail but has stood by his woman. Way to go!

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