Barbie goes Rebelde

And speaking of dull beauty … the girls from Rebelde yesterday announced the launch of their Barbie-like dolls.


Thanks to Mattel Inc. and Grupo Televisa, the “teens” featured in Rebelde and RBD (the novela and music ensamble) will now be immortalized in the form of three Barbie dolls: Mia, Roberta and Lupita, each dressed in their signature school uniform consisting of a blazer, a tie and a not-very-long denim skirt.

But don’t be fooled by the frivolous image of the ladies. During a brief press conference yesterday in Mexico City, Anaí told attendees the dolls by no means try to portray a specific image of how a girl should look like.

“What really matters is what’s inside,” she said.

Yeah, right!

9 thoughts on “Barbie goes Rebelde

  1. But they all look like very nice people … from the inside of course! and we will have to see what´s in their brains!

  2. my goodness gracious!!!!
    another embarassing moment for Mexico, courtesy of… some of my fellow citizens…
    should I cry or laugh? laughing is much more relaxing, I think

  3. hi….. i am liezl but you can call me lyra. . i really love barbie dolls since ny child hood i want to collect many many barbie dolls in my life can you give me even pictures only ………

    Christmas is coming Soon I hope you will be send me or give everything barbies


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