Florida bloggers to Spain: Zapatero a tus zapatos


It turns out there is a “confederation of blogs” called Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty, and it also turns it has a lot of money … and does not like Spain.

At least that is what comes to light from a recent advertising effort targeting the Spanish government. The reason? According to these bloggers, the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero is behind an effort to normalize relations between the European Union and Cuba.

The multimedia effort consists of several bus shelters located near the Spanish consulate and the Spanish Cultural Center in the exclusive area of Coral Gables, Florida. And according to the confederation spokesman (yep, it even has a spokesman!) it “marks the first of several coordinated activities aimed at exposing those countries, companies and institutions that aid and abet the Castro regime in oppressing the Cuban people.”

I wonder who these bloggers will target next. Perhaps it will be the 5-member delegation from the U.S. Congress who this week attended a U.S.-Cuba trade fair in Havana and even met with Ricardo Alarcón… Or they might want to get Matt Lauer, the NBC Today anchor, who will broadcast his show live from the island next Tuesday.

And while they’re at it, they might also want to get the French … I’m not sure why, but it seems it’s always popular to be anti-French.

Personally, all I want to know is how I can join a confederation and, more importantly, how I can have my own blog advertised on a bus shelter.

5 thoughts on “Florida bloggers to Spain: Zapatero a tus zapatos

  1. Thanks for posting about our group and our campaign. But I’d like to correct a factual error in your post. Our members are not only from Florida but also from New York, Pennsylvania and California.

    The word confederation was used intentionally because we are a loose organization whose membership will vary from initiative to initiative. We call the initiatives campaigns. As for how much money it takes to do what we’re doing, that’s confidential but it’s a lot easier to finance when 20 people are sharing the costs.

    Future campaigns may take on other issues such as the ones you mention. Others may not rise to level of a full fledged campaign, after all we blog about stuff like American politicians pandering to Castro, Inc. all the time in our lives outside the organization. Look for a blogburst from a lot the anti-Castro bloggers about the Today Show next week.

  2. By the way I work in Hispanic ad agency business as an Account Planner and read your former magazine, M y M, all the time. I wrote an op-ed piece for it once.

  3. We Cubans tend to be extremists when it comes to the topic of Castro and Cuba. So sad that the two names have become almost interchangeable. We will have to work the next 50 years just to separate the two terms. And even then Castro will be ingrained in the history of Cuba forever. Surviving against all odds, sadly enough, given his record with Human Rights.

    In other words, we need to get over it or risk losing our history and emotional investment in Cuba. Just like the victim role many claim is played among African-Americans over Civil Rights in the this country, if we don’t act fast, others like Spain will and are. We’re bitter that they don’t have the same emotional investment we do, but how could they? Most of us originating from Spain doesn’t make matters any easier. I can hear the old “viejitos cubanos” drinking cafecito at Versailles saying that Spaniards are “comunistas”. However, a confederation of bloggers is PRICELESS!! (thanks for that)

    Unfortunately as Cubans, we will not allow ourselves to “move on” until Castro dies. However, at that time, I hope we will give ourselves the permission to mend our families, our history and our hearts.

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