Preparing for life after Fidel


As NBC’s Today host Matt Lauer prepares to broadcast live from Havana on Tuesday June 5, some disturbing details regarding a Cuba after Fidel have started to emerge.

For starters, according to an article by contributor Peter Greenberg, all U.S. cruise lines are already preparing for Life after Castro. After all, he says, they are already floating hotels. For their part, U.S. hotel companies have been “prospecting”, doing handshake deals on properties throughout the island, signing quiet conditional deals to kick in the minute things change and they are allowed to do business.

NBC’s special Cuba coverage includes an online poll asking U.S. citizens if they would consider a Havana holiday should there be no traveling ban: at 10:00 PM (ET) Monday night, 42% had said: “No. There are other countries I’d rather give my money to.” What it’s not clear to me is: Doesn’t the question pertain to Havana only? What if these people are actually inclined to spend their money in, say, Varadero?

The coverage also includes an invitation for visitors to pose questions to Lauer about Cuba. I have submitted mine, and cannot wait for the answer. Stay tuned.

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