When soccer calls, America watches


Trivia. What was the most watched TV show -among all U.S. broadcast networks- on the night of May 27 among all men ages 18-34?

Answer: the Mexican League Soccer final match pitching Pachuca vs. America, which was broadcast live by Azteca America and viewed by 2.2 million people in the United States.

In a statement the network said today that, following actual live start and end times, Nielsen revised its count to 2.2 million, up from the 1.9 million thought to have originally viewed the game. According to the new ratings, the Pachuca-America match attracted 1% more male 18-34 viewers than ABC’s May 26 NBA Conference Finals playoff match; 10% more than FOX’s Nascar Nextel Cup on May 26; over 40% more than ABC’s Indy 500 Race aired on May 26; and over 70% more than FOX’s Saturday Baseball Game of the Week on May 26.

As the originator of the missive said: “It may be time to reconsider America’s national pastimes.”

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