How do you Say Coyote in Romanian?


I love the Internet simply because you can get your news from unlikely sources… such as Hot News, the Source for Romanian News.

Anyhow, it was thanks to my fellow journalists at Hot News that I learned that more and more Romanians wishing to enter the U.S. illegally are now turning to Mexican coyotes, who charge them the regular $4,000 fee to get across the border, a service exclusive for Latin American nationals.

I wonder if this means Coyotes will now begin to master the romance language to perhaps extend services to France, Portugal and Italy. ¡Viva la globalización!

2 thoughts on “How do you Say Coyote in Romanian?

  1. Only 4k!!! C’mon coyotes, Finance 101!! if you can charge that amount to a Mexican farmer earning 7 dollars a day, imagine the rates you can charge Europeans from an upper middle income society!! Cha’ching!!!

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