Peru, Venezuela… They’re All the Same to Dick


With TV writers still out on the picket lines, comedy show producers have only to turn to the real world to come up with some hilarious stuff to entertain us. Take Dick Cheney’s latest comments over the weekend, when asked about Hugo Chávez’ influence on the Americas: (Taken from a White House transcript)

“He’s a — obviously an individual with his own agenda, and he spends a great deal of his time worrying about us and criticizing the United States. My own personal view is that he does not represent the future of Latin America, and the people of Peru I think deserve better in their leadership.”

I tell you. I don’t know about Cheney’s agenda, but he might want to squeeze a few geography and politics quick lessons here and there.

As for Chávez, he mocked Cheney saying it shows the United States is governed by a “bunch of ignorant fools.”

Ay dios!

5 thoughts on “Peru, Venezuela… They’re All the Same to Dick

  1. Chenney made a mistake, everyone does. But Chavez is the real fool. He wants Venezuela to be like Cuba. If Cuba was so great, why do so many Cubans take to the ocean in shark infested waters? The latest outrage is that he wants to raise the price of gas in Venezuela, a country where you can fill a Hummer for a $1.50 (gas is 7 cents a gallon) This is an outrage in a country where oil is supposed to belong to all Venezuelan, does it makes sense to have gasoline subsidized since the government makes billions out of the oil they own. I wish Venezuela had leaders like Bush and Chenney instead of goddamm commies like Chavez and his mentor, Castro.

  2. Jorge,
    Dick don’t know Dick, and he should be impeached immediately. Bush as well. These are not good examples of leadership, why would you wish their evil on a great country like Venezuela. More people have been killed by their little foray into the middle east, which is now a @#$% mess.
    The reason Venezuela is where it is, is largely in part to its 30 years of previous leaders listening to the IMF, World Bank and White House.
    Before making ignorant comments people should learn from history. BTW, I’m not with Casto, or Chavez, as far as I’m concerned they’re just as screwed as Bush/Cheney.

  3. International politics is one best left for ‘leaders’ who are truly educated in this field and not corrupt by their own agendas. But for a political leader, Dick, to begin to criticize a country or its leader i would think he should have a firm grasp of what country they are from!! It as simple as, if you don’t know what your talking about don’t take a stance, especially an ignorant one. But hey it’s the American way to have political views based on ignorance and emotions rather than factual and logical points of view.

  4. Michael? Are you Venezuelan? Have you EVER lived in Venezuela? Chavez has ruined Venezuela, today there is more poverty, more corruption, more crime, more class warfare than we ever had. You should watch the movie “Auto-Secuestro” to see what a shitty country Venezuela has become.

    As for the people dying in Iraq, guess what? They joined the military out of their own free will. Nobody forced them, nobody drafted them, they took an oath to serve their country. Being in the military is a priviledge, most of them are very proud to be there. And yes, in today’s world, it’s common for countries to get involved with other countries. Just like liberals wouldn’t mind sending American troops to die in Darfur. Just like Clinton didn’t care about Americans dying in Yugoslavia, as part of their NATO efforts.

    Frankly, I wish Chenney was president of Venezuela, he’s be a million times better than Chavez.

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