A Culture Clash in Scotland? I don’t Think So!

Question: What does a 36-year-old Mexican waiter do in the streets of Edinburgh during his spare time?

Answer: Fondle women … of course!

According to the BBC, Marco Lozano, a Mexican waiter at the local “Pancho Villa” eaterie, confessed to having grabbed the buttocks of “up to 12” women as they walked the streets of Edinburgh, simply because –as he told the police– he considers European women to be more beautiful than those in his native Mexico.

Quite frankly, I couldn’t care less about this creep’s female preferences, but he had the guts to try to get out of the mess by playing the “culture-clash” card:

“That’s what we do in Mexico. It was a cultural difference.”

I don’t think so Mr. Lozano!

(He will spend one year in jail in case you’re wondering)

7 thoughts on “A Culture Clash in Scotland? I don’t Think So!

  1. Cultural difference? no way
    In Mexico we don’t do that, maybe if you are a jerk.
    That kind of stupid people is what give the Mexicans the “fiesta, tequila, lazy, party all the time” fame. It’s embarrassing and one year in jail seems about right.

  2. This is so lame! do Scottish people really think / swallow this is a “cultural” thing typically Mexican? he should be jailed for more than one year.. and women, all over, should condemn this behaviour

  3. Whether the typical Scot will fall for this nonsense is not the point. The accused is playing a ‘race/culture’ card in the hope that the System will fall for his explanation. Nine times out of ten, this is a gambit which would pay off as the Courts will bend over backwards to avoid being labelled ‘racist’ or ‘culturally insensitive’.

  4. Sounds like a sex offender. It sucks he’s Mexican and tried using the ‘race/culture’ card as Eddie states. However, nothing more we can do but demonstrate what a real Mexican with culture and respect behaves like. One year in jail and some counseling will hopefully do him some good.

  5. Definitely more than a cultural clash. This man called out for my attention in a busy street and then exposed his penis, while smiling at me. In broad daylight. I doubt this is any more acctable in Mexico than it is in Scotland,

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