Captain Mexico Has Had it with Donald Trump

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 2.39.01 PM

Meet Erik López (aka Captain Mexico) my people’s new Superhero, who came to this year’s Comic Con very well equipped to take on our archenemy: El Trumpo, of course.

“I love Marvel and Captain America, but there are no famed Latino superheroes,” 32-year-old López told Univision, while clutching a tiny Trump piñata.

Photo: The_Brown_Ranger/Instagram


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8 Responses to Captain Mexico Has Had it with Donald Trump

  1. pablothemexican says:



    Just changed into his tights in the women’s restroom behind him.



    • HIM? HOMOSEXUAL? (laughing hysterically) He’s quite the opposite, I assure you…I cannot stress this enough. …and tights…I see no tights. All I see is a second generation Mexican American who is proud of his culture and happens to be a cosplayer…and a good one at that. One of his many, many talents…

    • WOW! You spelled Liberace correctly! YOU mentioned the oh-so-FLAMING-homosexual Liberace…not I! No, actually I’m a BIG fan of (Captain Mexico’s) bedroom talents behind closed doors. He’s a 100% woman-loving heterosexual MAN…the man has skills with women that pathetic little internet warriors, like yourself, only dream about. You’re on point with having such a hard-to-see photo of yourself posted though…you MUST talk a lot of smack online if you won’t even show your face. What a BIG, bad man behind his monitor…but in person, he’s worse than a scared little girl…with gay on the brain. …simple-minded Trump supporter.

  2. Here comes Captain Mexico…to take Captain America’s job!

  3. Paige McNally says:

    Moy bueno me gusta

  4. Paige McNally says:

    Me gusta

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