No License for You!

As you must know by now, Eliot Spitzer has given up on his plan to grant a driver’s license to anyone who can show a passport.

In an interview today with the New York Times, the governor says the plan -that was expected to apply to about 150,000 undocumented workers- faced so much controversy and opposition that it would have been impossible to move forward.

I think that sucks, because as my friend said recently, the idea was simply brilliant! “Imagine that! every time we get caught and deported, we would be able to drive ourselves back to Mexico!”

Photo: Reuters

One thought on “No License for You!

  1. Do illegals in Mexico get driver’s licenses? No. Of course, illegal aliens in America expect rights illegals in their own countries don’t get.

    And if you think America is bad when it comes to illegals, look at England. If you have a baby in England he’s not born automatically a british. Over there they’ll deport the entire family.

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