What to do With Malnourished Kids? Give ’em Coffee!

Just when I thought I had seen it all…. It turns out that a Houston-based company called Voyava has teamed with a Mexican cooperative to fortify coffee with folic acid and other stuff to give to the children of Chiapas, the country’s poorest state. ¿The idea? to give them nutrients that otherwise they won’t get ’cause they’re too damn poor to eat anything else.

Thankfully, some Mexican officials are hesitating about the plan, saying they don’t believe elementary school kids should be drinking coffee (duh!), fortified or otherwise. (This despite the fact that a 3-year-old this week told the Associated Press “I do like coffee!”)

Besides, I’m not sure I trust these people: Voyava Republic founder Michael Sweeney is an electrochemist, and he is credited with developing a technique to fortify coffee with iron and folic acid. Can they at least put some milk in the damn thing?

Photo: Sylvia Romo

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