Why did They Shut Up?

I’d like to thank my friend Diego for sending this bizarre, yet fascinating, story about my home country. It turns out that the indigenous zoque language (one of 350 native languages spoken in Mexico) is about to disappear simply because its last two speakers have stopped talking to one another.

According to the Mexico-based Instituto Nacional Indigenista, two men in their 70s are the only fluent speakers of the language, but they just “drifted apart” and just won’t talk to eachother.

“We know they are not to say enemies, but we know they are apart. We know they are two people with little in common,” the head of the agency told the BBC. Damn! If they only were to mimic Mr. Chávez and start blabbering about something, whatever… maybe we’ll be able to keep zoque around for a longer while.

¡¡¿Por qué se callaron?!!!

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