Dios sin barreras

If Geico picked cavemen to pitch car insurance and Budweiser opted for manly men to sell more beer, why can’t Lexicon just bring out God?

In its latest marketing effort, Inglés sin Barrreras has a new ad out pitching its costly English-language course to Latinos. A 60-second spot currently running on Univision features a couple of presumably recent immigrants talking -in Spanish- about how learning English has changed their lives in America. At some point, the man switches to a perfect English while subtitles in Spanish show up on screen. But then the woman intervenes to make a final, perfect pitch in Spanish. “I think [Inglés sin Barreras] is a medium sent to us by God himself to make it to this country.” (Yo creo que es un medio que Dios nos ha proveido [sic] para progresar.)

Wow. I wonder how many politically-correct gringo companies can ever get away with that one. But hey, in the increasingly competitive business of selling English-language courses to Hispanics, God must be an infallible tool. Who can beat that?

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3 thoughts on “Dios sin barreras

  1. I worked for the creators of Ingles sin Barreras (Lexicon Marketing) for 5 years and I was never able to understand how Lexicon management can sleep at night. The product cost $85 because is produced in China and all the sales people work out of Tijuana Mexico making about $25 for each course they sale and after adding cost of operation and advertising they probably spend less that $175 per course and they charge a minimum of $1500 per customer. Keep in mind that most people that buy the product are minimum wage workers.
    Lexicon just takes advantage of the poor uneducated immigrant selling them an over priced product that doesn’t even work. Only 3% finish the course and 85% get to volume 3 out of 12.
    This company is hurting the Hispanic community and ripping the poor immigrants that come to this wonderful country.

  2. Shame on you LEXICON. Gloria our maid bought it last spring and she is still watching the videos and using the books and she was not able to learn much from ingles sin barreras. She is learning more English from our daughter.


  3. Well my husband bought this products a year ago and he still working on his English.He is a great guy and lost his job and I was the on who was left working and we are unable to pay the rest of what we owe
    they began to threaten us with the police taking us to court butwhat can we do they harrass us our family
    I think they are only intreseted in the money and not what my husband has learned.NOT VERY NICE COMPANY

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