Out on a Mexican Immersion Tour


Hi everybody! Time has come for this blogger to take a well-deserved vacation… in Mexico, of course! where else?

So starting today (Dec. 27) and until way past the Reyes Magos festivities (and if the migra doesn’t get difficult) I will be somehow out of touch, hopefully getting a taste of good ol’ Mexico.

See? after so many years living on this side of the border, you start thinking that Taco Bell, chips & salsa, chimichangas and margaritas are the real thing; thus, I must embark on a real immersion tour of my home country –for the sake of this blog and its faithful followers.

However, my mom tells me my country has been taken over by the likes of Starbucks, McDonald’s and even Taco Bells (Ay Dios!), so I’m not sure how this immersion will go. In any event, I promise to keep you posted. Keep in mind, though, that very weird things can happen down there: I might end up taking part in a narco wedding with Chespirito and the Chilindrina; attacked by the Chupacabras, sun-burned at some beach in Iztacalco or even breaking a leg at the Zócalo’s now infamous ice-skating rink.

None of this means, of course, that you have to stop visiting my blog. In fact, I’ve been posting stuff for almost a year now, enough for you to get acquainted with Latino media and pop culture.

Otherwise, just leave me a comment and tell me what you’d like the Reyes Magos to bring you back from down there. A gardener, maybe? or a cook?

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2 thoughts on “Out on a Mexican Immersion Tour

  1. I just asked for a Barbie size 1:1 model Marta Higareda jajaja… But taking my behavior of the last year I don’t deserve the present, well I enjoyed the year and it’s not really necessary all shinny things and expensive stuff to enjoy the holidays
    Saludos desde México… y vivan los defenios!!!

  2. I read some of you blog archive. You do a nice job. A little on the militant side, but I do understand that you just speak your mind openly.

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