Mexicans Are Freaking out about ‘Mexico Is the Shit’ Fashion

It was bound to happen.

A fashion idea born in Mexico, and crafted by Mexican designer Anuar Layon was meant to show the world (or, more specifically the obtuse Trump administration) that Mexico is… well, the shit (i.e. bien chingón.)

But of course, when you launch an English-language slogan — and movement — in Mexico, you cannot seriously expect everyone to understand exactly what you mean.

See? Not everybody is a European-educated fashion designer down there; so there are some Mexicans who are seriously pissed, thinking that being the shit is something like awful. Take this poor soul who became the butt of the joke Monday night after tweeting the following photo “denouncing” racism at some Mexico City hotel.

So, what the hell is Mexico is the Shit anyhow?

In the words of Layón himself:

It is a tribute to all those mexicans around the world that are shifting global culture with their beautiful hearts and brilliant minds; it’s a way to show that we are many and we are together; that we are raising the standards, reminding the world that our voice matters. “Mexico is the shit” is a community, a support system and a movement inspiring love, respect and trust!

Sure, and also a way for these guys to sell shirts & jackets, which I’m sure cost more than a few bucks. Still, whether you decide to wear one of these things — or not — just chill. Mexico IS the Shit.

4 thoughts on “Mexicans Are Freaking out about ‘Mexico Is the Shit’ Fashion

  1. Shit is often good! As we say in California del Norte, “that’s some good shit!”

    Cheers! Jim En el corazón del Triangulo Esmeralda


  2. Sorry, I just don’t get it. “ Mexico is the Shit” for me only translates as a put down, an insult, a negative judgment. As a Mexican-American I have to say I don’t like it and think those who do, are somewhere between confused (at best) and just plain stupid. Bob Delgado

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