¡Pepe el Toro es Inocente! (and He’s Made of Vinyl)


And speaking of godly figurines, I’m happy to report that my people (i.e. Mexicans) have finally done it. And by this I mean, a couple of nutty, very creative guys have come out with a vinyl-made collectible figuring of Pepe el Toro, that endearing character played by Pedro Infante in one of the most tragic and intense films ever made. Ever.

Julio Iván “Rictus” and Juan Alarcón are selling their Pepe el Toro figurines like hot cakes, and are reportedly already preparing their next Golden Era vinyl hit: Jorge Negrete.

But wait! what about Chachita and la Chorreada?

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6 Responses to ¡Pepe el Toro es Inocente! (and He’s Made of Vinyl)

  1. Carla Raygoza says:

    what about La Guayaba y La Tostada??????????

  2. Chacho Garcia says:

    I La India Maria!

  3. Chacho Garcia says:

    Y La India Maria!

  4. Where Can I buy one?
    Please Let me know.

  5. Esteban says:

    How can I buy one?

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