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In Search of My Latino ‘Bi-dentity’

Wonder what the new generation Latinos are all about? Look no further than the most recent research by Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and The Intelligence Report, which concludes marketers must address these kids’ “bi-dentities” to better market their wares (i.e. … Continue reading

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When the Going Gets Tough… Ban Taco Trucks

The Associated Press reports this morning that Los Angeles County has passed a law making it a misdemeanor crime for taco trucks to stay in a spot longer than one hour. The reason? “Many restaurants are forced to close their doors because they … Continue reading

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I’ll Wear my Red Shawl, So I Can Look Just Like Her

First came Cinco de Mayo Barbie, then the “authentic,” Hispanic-looking [sic] quinceañera and more recently Kmart’s new line of ethnic dolls.  So let’s welcome now the Friends Forever Reina Doll, the latest “multicultural” addition to the Dolls Like Me line. Reina, its creators … Continue reading

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These Workers Don’t Need a Helping Hand

I spent a good part of Sunday sipping Reconquista-special Absolut Vodka martinis at Manhattan’s Bar Six, and although I noticed that 99.99% of the kitchen and boss-boy staff was of Mexican origin, I failed to realize that the excess of … Continue reading

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How to Market the Perfect Quickie

Forget about complex research and marketing formulas. Here’s how a motel in Mexico brilliantly positions itself as the ultimate spot for a “quickie.” Note to the monolingual crowd: Rapidín is Spanish for quickie. Photo posted by Facebook user Gustavo Morett.

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Let’s Now Boycott UPS, Shall We?

OK this is it!. Forget about Absolut Aztlán. Now it is Mexicans turn to feel the outrage. Look closely at this “very detailed” map of the world and tell me: Where the hell is the Baja California peninsula? Last time … Continue reading

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Wanted: White-Collar ‘Jornaleros’

Thanks to AdAge’s blog editor Ken Wheaton for flagging this one up. It’s simply brilliant (and makes me wonder what the Absolut boyocotters will make out of it). Enjoy!

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