Female Bloggers of the World Undress!

When it comes to labor possibilities for a female blogger like myself, the sky is the limit.

Today I submitted a request to participate in the first ever Sexy Blogger of the Year contest launched by Playboy magazine. The pitch is too tempting to refuse:

Who are the blogosphere’s sexiest women? We scanned the web for some of our favorite female bloggers from the worlds of finance, entertainment, tech and sex, and we want to know who your favorite is. Vote now and we’ll ask the most click-worthy candidate to pose for Playboy.com.

Oh… but wait a second. I just realized I am NOT on the list, so I guess my chances -unlike my entire physical structure- are slim. But, hey, you can always go there and vote me in! Like the New York lotto people say: You never know!

3 thoughts on “Female Bloggers of the World Undress!

  1. If you are voted in and pose nude for Play Boy, I swear to chase all these dancing latinas de tu barrio!


  2. You can keep your clothes on and still beat the competition…sus ojos son sufficientes… and your blog is awesome, which is, I gather, the ultimate reason to be here. Rock on!

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