Dora’s New Look Enrages Parents. What’s Next? -They Wonder- Dora the Stripper?

dora_nuevo_lookI’m sure you heard all about it: Dora the Explorer is getting a sexy makeover, and while Mattel and Nickelodeon have only released a silhouette, the new Dora is sure to make your palms sweaty (Well, not really): 

“The revamped Dora shows her with long locks, a short skirt and pointed ballet pumps.”

Meanwhile, a group of idle concerned mothers have filed an online petition to ban the new look asking: “What next? Dora the Cheerleader? Dora the fashionista with stylish purse and stilettos? Dora the Pop Star with Hoppin’ Dance Club and “Juice” Bar?”

And, may I add: What about Dora, the Spanish-language broadcast weather girl featuring a good pair? Anyone?

20 thoughts on “Dora’s New Look Enrages Parents. What’s Next? -They Wonder- Dora the Stripper?

  1. It is very highly likely that I won’t like the new Dora. She will be wearing designer clothes and shoes and will only show young girls that you’re nothing if you don’t dress like that. The old Dora showed girls that it’s OK to be an average, everyday girl.

  2. Cartoon characters never grow up!
    Stewie is still 1 year old. Bart continues to be 7. Even The Pink Panther I’m sure continues to be a 40 yo male spinster.

    I think they are going to make Dora look like Ninel Conde. She’s a latina morenita no?


  3. yes some cartoons do grow up like look at the little mermaid she grew up. and they did have an epesoda of stwie when her grew up. evey cartoon has to grow up some time

  4. I think people are going over board, little girls love dolls that have long hair…Come on look who she’s up against~Barbie, Bratz, Minni Mouse, SpBob, list goes on and on, for those from the old school, remember Betty Boop lost her fans when she dressed in an ol lady dress, and when they brought back her look with short skirt and garder she was popular again, and is still going, TMooney..

  5. i think she will look to sexy so parents are not going to let there kids have any thing dora and i agree with smooth thug

  6. I am having a problem with this new change in Dora, my 5 and 3 year olds love the show and I think that the change is not appropriate for children of this age for whom the show is made for (TINY CHILDREN)There is no need to sexify her when the audience that watches her are children ages 1-6, my kids love the show the way that it is. I am very up set with this new Dora, she DOES NOT NEED A MAKEOVER. Kids love her the way she is. This change will just teach kids that they have to grow up fast, and that they have to wear makeup and be judgemental due to looks. I will not let my kids watch the new Dora shows, they can watch pirated copies of the old shows. because I refuse to pay for something that was not approved by parents first; But by someone who thinks they know whats best for children, when possibly they don’t have any children themselves. If they wanted to make Dora older, why not make a show for those kids that liked her but are growing up and in the mean time keep the original for the smaller children. This would be the best way to satisfy the companies who want this new look and parents who oppose this new look.

  7. We as parents can not judge the new Dora until we see the new one; not just the shillouette, but as i said before i think there should be a show for both older kids and the show for the younger audience. it is the only appropriate thing to do.

  8. Dora is so adorable as she is. As for young children liking long hair, maybe, but for the past few years I’ve seen tons of toddlers with Dora cuts. Children like Dora, so therefore they like her hair. Not the other way around.

  9. well honeys i am 12, she looks cute if u hav actually seen her, hav u seen other cartoon and show characters? nowa days everyone dresses skanky… get a freakin life everyone changes and that is what it is promoting… look at your neighbors, daughters and other young gals in ur life…. they have at least one NEW DORA outfit… all girls go through changes whether the parents like it or not… its 2009!! we all have that look its not contreversal… what? do you think that your toddler is gonna go steal ur car in the middle of the night and go to one of those skanky brazilian stores to get a long shirt and leggins and hijack some guys car and go get pregnant from looking at the sweet new Dora with a cute pink and flowery long shirt and purple leggings and long brown flowing hair? WAKE UP!!! no girl can help how she looks u people are racist & prejude DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! its cuteee

  10. Dont you people have anything better to do than to complain about a cartoon? DUH ITS JUST A CARTOON. Do you want your children living in a fantasy world? You need to get over it and stop acting like a child yourself. This is not toon town.

  11. okay you know what guys if you have a clild thats 1 and and older child with dora things and your 1 year old turns 3 and is a big fan of dora and says this is not the real dora what happened i want the real dora! then what are you gonna say? your child might get really upset! are you guys gonna say oh the old one is really ugly! NO! so all the parents who read this message leave a reply and say what you have to say about this. because the new dora might not be appropreate for your children!

  12. All the crazy people who think this is okay think about the kids dont you think your kids will try to look like her i no that hopefully after you read this message you will understand that this is NOT okay! so if your smart then dont let your kids dress like her.

  13. You guys are crazy “Oh I don’t think they should make Dora sexy” “I want my children watching Old Dora because she teaches girls that they should just be themselves and that looks don’t matter.”

    Ok it’s great that girls can be themselves but HELLO looks do matter. I don’t know who told you they don’t but they lied. You can’t see the world as all sugar and spice because it’s not, and if you hold onto this dream your kids will fail at life. You people just have nothing better to do than to protest stupid things that don’t matter. If you don’t want your kids watching the show then just do like that one lady and tape old Dora Episodes…or here’s a good idea….. DON’T LET YOUR KID WATCH IT! It’s that simple…..I think her new makeover will be nice because unlike cartoons, people don’t stay children forever and they do grow up.

    1) Most girls have long hair especially ones of Latino ethnicity
    2) Growing up does not mean that you’re a stripper or destined to become one
    3) I’m sure you people would much rather want your little girls to be taking notes from New Dora on how they should present themselves as young ladies and think about their futures than have Old Dora telling them to go on Adventures and wear yellow lace socks with a talking backpack that hands you everything you need forever.


  14. Wow…did not know so much agro existed over a cartoon but then again this last young lady has a point.We are the parents we should be supervising whatour children watch if this corporation decides they can no longer profit from the old Dora then well it’s a sad loss to the smaller children who loved her for who she was . Let’s not point fingers and instead get proactive in our children’s lives , we should be taking them on adventures and enriching their lives not with a television show that is there only after our money and rating.

  15. i think dora is a sexy gal. i will fuck her 2 wit my dick if i hav 2. her boobs look round and sexy. she can suck on it 2. next, she gon pregnent. im gon fuck her real hard.

  16. wot are you guys doing it is a cartoon why are you so mad there is more then 1 show if you dot like it dont look at it me i love the new dora she is so cute and if you dont wot your kid to see it tell them not to ok and if you askt a kid thay are going to say thay dont like it thay are kids ask a teen tha will say that thay love it im 14 and i love it

  17. I really don’t want to be rude to parents, but, Dora, needs a new look. Sure they can keep the old look for the younger children but, what’s wrong with the new one? So she’s grown up a bit. Don’t all children grow up? If your children grew up and got a new look, I bet YOU wouldn’t DARE to call your child a STRIPPER now would you? I mean, what’s the PROBLEM? She grew up. BIG DEAL! I think you guys are blowing this a bit out of proportion. Please, leave the new Dora alone. I’m not a big fan of Dora but, my little cousin Sarah is a HUGE fan of Dora and she’s really excited about the new Dora because she is also becoming a “tweenager”. So what if her outfit changed? Doesn’t everybody’s outfit change EVERYDAY? Sure they might have something similar, but it’s different isn’t it? So PLEASE, just get OVER IT!

  18. I don’t think the new Dora look is a bad idea…I mean as you child gets older she’s going to want to grow with dora…hense, the skirt…is not a skirt..she’s wearing…leggings and a baby doll shirt..nothing wrong with that? As long as Dora still teaches the way she does, and the show is basically the same whats the big deal? My daughter is 3 and she LOVES Dora, I am almost positive that when the new one comes out she’s going to be super excited…wanting to see the new show, the new place…Dora these days are nothing but re-runs almost alll the time..So i’m excited myself to see the new one! I LIKE THIS IDEA!!

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