And Now… a Culturally Relevant Padlock!

Hispanic marketing is a wonderful thing.

Wordlock(R) Inc., a company you’ve never heard of, this week announced the launch of a “culturally relevant” lock; one that embraces “cultural diversity” by introducing the industry’s first combination Spanish-language padlock.

Instead of using ABCDEF etc., the new combination uses … mmm ABCDEF (pronounce these with a Spanish accent), simply because Hispanics have a tremendous purchasing power and therefore we must cater to them! Here’s the the pitch in their own words:

The locker combinations include four- or five- letter words that can reflect personal interests such as: D-U-L-C-E, V-I-D-A, and friends’ names like L-U-I-S-A.”

And that is because Luisa, in English, is so very different from Luisa in Spanish. See? You gotta understand the difference. Otherwise, you’re just an insensitive, narrow-minded marketer.

Shame on you!

2 thoughts on “And Now… a Culturally Relevant Padlock!

  1. I’m not quite sure why you are so outraged by this. The US is home to over 40 million hispanics making it the worlds FIFTH largest spanish-speaking community. You said “Hispanics have a tremendous purchasing power and therefore we must cater to them” sarcastically, when in reality thats just the case. Its not racist, its not even the tiniest bit offensive. Its just marketing! Is it therefore wrong for a company to expand its market by making a bilingual product? This company is merely trying to get more people to buy its products. Putting “cultural diversity” in quotes doesn’t make you witty or their attempt to appeal to more people sinister. I just don’t see how critisizing some tiny company’s desire to appeal to more than the english-speaking populace is bad?

  2. Hey Ms. Martinez, here’s an idea, follow Jesse T suggestion above and take off the quotation marks on “cultural diversity”. The Spanish lock idea will still be stupid!!! –don’t they know we use the same alphabet in Spanish than in English? duh!

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