Oklahoma City Rewards Dieters With Bad Food

Call me crazy, but I think something is very wrong with the Mayor of Oklahoma City.

In an effort to reward citizens who lose weight under the city’s OKC Million massive diet plan, the Mayor is offering dieters a free Taco Bell Fresco taco (whatever that is -and hopefully not the one pictured above.)

“Oklahoma City residents who have combined to lose more than 100,000 pounds are getting a reward… Taco Bell is giving away free tacos from its Fresco Menu on Tuesday,” according to Reuters.

Not believing my eyes, I rushed to Oklahoma City’s OKC Million Web site to see if Reuters had somehow messed up. Alas, not only the story is accurate but both the diet program and its dedicated Web site are actually sponsored by Taco Bell.

Ay, Chihuahua!

One thought on “Oklahoma City Rewards Dieters With Bad Food

  1. This article is very interesting and highly informative. Oklahoma city mayor offers many diet plans for the people and then few diet tips available for children is very useful such as
    1) Eat at least 3 grains each day, and including bread, cereal, rice.
    2) Take fruits , vegetables and also fruit juices and so on…..


    Oklahoma Drug Addiction

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