Would Immigrants Kindly Get the Hell Out of Here?

Say adieu to mean anti-immigration rhetoric.

U.S. government officials are ready to implement “Operation Scheduled Departure,” a program set to debut August 5 that will allow illegal immigrants to turn themselves in for deportation without the threat of going to jail. Or, as home security official Julie Myers told the Univision network:

“The program would permit those who want to self-deport to do so in an organized manner.”

Organized? mmmm I guess this means immigrants will be given plenty of time to close their bank accounts, collect their 401Ks and social security checks, undergo a thorough medical check-up, cancel their gym membership and even going on a last-minute shopping spree.

Aren’t immigration officials a sweet bunch?

5 thoughts on “Would Immigrants Kindly Get the Hell Out of Here?

  1. And just to be fair: who’s going to do that?

    Really? Are INS officials that naive?

    Yesterday some guy in the Univisión News at 6(?): “If they pay my travel back to Mexico, I’ll do it!”

    Anyway, this is a very complex issue that it is not going to be solved with that kind of operations.

  2. My g-ma use to tell me stories about “crazy-gringas” and to stay away from them, until my uncle married one. But Julie Meyers is either on of those “crazy-gringas” or she is just plain stupid.

  3. I just want to say something, well if we know history we should know that this country is made of diversity of cultures, which means “people from different countries”””””” the only native peoplehere “s the NATIVE AMERICANS, and you know what they are not goingto the streets and telling people to go to their countries!!!!! It is a shame that HERE in the United States still exist IGNORANT PEOPLE or to be more specific. Also I want to mention something AMERICANS are not only people from United States, Americans also are the people who exist in the WHOLE AMERICAN CONTINENT and we can prove this just by reading history and something simple LOOK at the map world.

  4. If all the emigrants have to go back to their countries, well thi country will be a hunted place, because most of the people in this country emigrated from different parts of the world. Aso if you were born here in U.S probably your grand parents or grand grandddd parents com from other contries but not from U.S, means that you also are EMIGRANT, NOT NATIVE. I feel that the big essue against Mexican people is that you guys do not forget that your ancestor have to came to America in a SHIPS from your countries because they were dieying from starvetion. And what you have with the Mexican people is that they did not have to go to the other side of the world to survive, for the simple reason that this land where everybody wants to live. Thats why I am here to, like many of you, my family sacrifice they home land to came here many mny years ago, now I am american like mny others who born here, however our hme land is miles and miles far far away form here. I spent almost one day frying back to visit my ancestors, because I am not lik the mexican people that they can travel to their country in a few hours. I guess that they are the privilegios people bcause they were born in American continent means that they belong to here. This is their land also because Califoria, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, etc, were part of the Mexican territory, and all we know that U.S forced Mexican goverment to lsot the land. hy U. S took the Mexican states? Because here is where the wealth is!!!! this state are the ones that provide food, and most of the elements that thsi countr need to survive, due to the fact that , the other U.S states are not productives enough due to the weather and some other essues. Lets be not oblivious.

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