10 Things to Avoid to Stay Salmonella-Free

Now that the U.S. government says it found the real source of salmonella (yes, again), this time in Mexican Serrano peppers, I decided to compile a list of extremely dangerous Mexican things you’d better stay away from if you seriously care for your life health.

In addition to tomatoes, jalapeños, avocados and chiles serranos, Please stay away from the following:

–Tacos *




–Wrestling matches

–Your abuela


–Chaparritas El Naranjo

–Pulparindos and Pelón Pelo Ricos

–Christian Castro concerts (It hasn’t yet been proven if these can give you salmonella, but they will certainly make you sick.)

*Taco Bell is OK (These are not real Mexican tacos and, according to the Mayor of Oklahoma City, they can even help you lose wait. The same applies to other fake Mexican things, including McSkillet burritos, Bud Micheladas, salsa picante Chi-chis, Chipotle wraps, etc.)

4 thoughts on “10 Things to Avoid to Stay Salmonella-Free

  1. I’m in the process of renewing my Mexican health insurance and (I swear this is true) according to the fine print, I’m not covered for injuries incurred while Thai boxing, participating in the lucha libre, or engaging in armed insurrection against the government.

    On the other hand – assuming that if it’s not specifically prohibited, it must be allowed – you’ll be happy to know that bullfighting is covered, I was a originally leaving a comment telling you that you forgot bullfighting, but apparently you’re right – it’s considered so safe that it’s actually covered under the standard health insurance policy (thought, admittedly, my deductible is pretty high.)

  2. Hola,

    Solo quiero decirte que me encanta tu blog, y la manera tan humoristica que tienes para comentar los problemas que dia con dia nos afectan, sobre todo a la comunidad mexicana.

    Desde hace tiempo encontre tu blog por accidente y desde entonces no he parado de checarlo.
    SIgue con ese estilo unico que tienes, mucha suerte en todo.

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