Mexican Cops Now Taking Bribes in your Language

You gotta give it to Mexico City’s police force. Not satisfied with taking bribes from fellow Mexican citizens, in their native language, they are now expanding their activities to foreign nationals, in other people’s language for their comfort.

Two transit police officers today were charged with stealing $150 from an Australian tourist, who after being told by a cop that it was OK to go over a red light, was later stopped -and threatened to be fined- for, well, going over a red light!

Upon seizing her Australian driver’s license, the cop told her -in perfect, and probably heavily accented English: “No money, no license.”

I’ve only been in Mexico City for like 24 hours, but I’m already impressed by the progress made by my country’s institutions: no English no progress. Well done y que viva México!

Got a Hispanic Biz? Don’t Forget the Chili Pepper

A Chicago-based advertising shop is up for sale. So how else can you assure potential buyers that you have what it takes to understand Hispanics but by inserting a picture of a red chili pepper in your sale document?

One can only thank the owner of this “forward thinking agency” for his decision to relocate to Spain.

Interested? Click on the following link to read the pdf: sunbelt-1