This Little Gadget Says it All…in Spanish

small_blueselectoRemember the culturally-relevant padlock, which allowed Hispanics to set their combination in Spanish?

Well, a company in St. Louis, Missouri is now launching Blue Selecto, the “first Spanish-language only programmable thermostat” in the market. The gadget, says Emerson Climate Technologies, was the result of “exhaustive” research that showed that “most Spanish-speaking homeowners feel enthusiastic about the opportunity to use an accurate digital thermostat in their own language.”

I couldn’t agree more, because there is nothing more reassuring than knowing Vent is short for Ventilación (not Ventilation;) Temp is short Temperatura, not Temperatura and so on.

(Oh, and just in case you were wondering: 70 in Spanish is also 70.)

5 thoughts on “This Little Gadget Says it All…in Spanish

  1. Programmable thermostats now use much more language that in the past.
    Programmable thermostats can save people $250-$300 per year.
    People can’t program a thermostat if they aren’t fluent in the language.
    “Arrancar programa” “Bomba de Calor” “Temporal Retener” etc… are not simly abbreviations for “ventilation” as you suggest. These translations are very helpful to Spanish speakers.
    This product along, with its Spanish language programming phone line, is a very valuable, money saving product.
    I don’t understand why criticize a company and product that helps the Hispanic community.

  2. I am a Spanish-speaker (Venezuela) and have no idea what “Temporal Retener” means.? perhaps Mr. Paul can help>? ja, ja, ja

  3. Here in Mexico, the problem wouldn’t be the language as much as the fact that it’s always 78 degrees here, so most people would be confused as to what a thermostat actually does.

  4. I agree with Antonio: I have no idea what “Temporal Retener” means and would very much appreciate to be enlightened…
    Question: does this thermostat convert Farenheit to Celsius??? Being used to Celsius (they make more sense, anyway), I’d find it just as useless if the thermostat does not “translate” the temperature itself…

  5. Carla / Antonio et al: Let me enlighten you: Temporal Retener means.. that when there is really bad weather (un Temporal) you have to “Retener” yourself at home; o sea DON’T GO OUT!!!
    ja, ja, ja.

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