Tough Times Ahead: Lady Liberty Takes up the Iron

drycleanRemember those glorious days when Lady Liberty was a mere symbol of freedom and enlightenment?

Well, folks, that is nothing but gone now. In these turbulent times, in which only U.S. Latinos seem to be the only ones who can afford to buy anything, Lady Liberty herself has been forced to take up the iron and work hard at pitching dry cleaning services… in Mexico.

Who knew the llama eterna would end up becoming the plancha eterna? Ay, Dios!

Hat tip to paisano, and loyal Miblogestublog follower Rafael Carballo.

One thought on “Tough Times Ahead: Lady Liberty Takes up the Iron

  1. I don’t know; maybe it’s Mexico’s tintoreria industry’s way of getting Mexican women to us the dry cleaners more often by appealing to their sense of wanting to get away from the ironing board… I guess.

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