‘Huffington Post’ Launches Mexico News Channel. Sizzles with Drugs and Kidnapping Stories

picture-2It’s always nice when your country gets the attention it deserves. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Huffington Post has added a Mexico channel, because, as its editors say: “Some News are so Big it Needs its own Page.”

The news is indeed so big, that you’ll find an assorted variety of articles about drug wars, drug lords, drug gangs, drug kidnappings, drug killings, drug zars and drug beauty queens.

(Oh, did I mention there are also some stories about plain drugs?)

Because, you know, nothing else seems to be happenging down there.

[Click on the photo on the left to read more Mexican stories.]

2 thoughts on “‘Huffington Post’ Launches Mexico News Channel. Sizzles with Drugs and Kidnapping Stories

  1. Sigh! Well, sometimes I get the feeling that drugs + violence are all the news we generate. Sure, that’s not what the country IS, but things do seem a bit bleak if you look at any newspaper…

  2. It’s obvious what sells in the popular media. Understandably drug violence is a huge issue, but from a personal perspective, the only time the subject of drugs was mentioned by my wife’s family in D.F. was the relief when their son passed his routine workplace testing.

    I guess drug violence is a lot more riveting than new garbage cans in Centro Historico.

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