It’s Official: NYT Editors Don’t Read Mi Blog es tu Blog

ethnicdollI always suspected the editors and reporters of the New York Times didn’t use my blog as reference for anything. But today I was finally able to prove it.

According to a May 11 article, City Room’s Jennifer Lee wrote about the difficulty of finding a racially mixed set of dolls for a Tuesday demonstration on AIDS awareness in City Hall:

Even in New York City, it was a scramble to get dolls to reflect their desired demographics. “A few people who purchased dolls found it very hard to find brown or black baby dolls,” said Krishna Stone, a spokeswoman for Gay Men’s Health Crisis. “I went to three 99-cent stores and couldn’t find any. Another colleague went to four stores. What is that about?”

Had she been reading my blog, she would have found Hispanic dolls aplenty here, here and here…Oh, and here too!

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4 Responses to It’s Official: NYT Editors Don’t Read Mi Blog es tu Blog

  1. Bella says:

    No account for taste hermana….

  2. elconejo says:

    their error was they went to a .99 cent store. Some Latino’s maybe poor, but were not so cheap to buy a child a doll from a .99 cent store.

  3. chuckle… tell, do tell….no-one knocked on my door asking about the dolls….I’d gladly would of given them directions.

  4. D7ana says:

    I did not see Rosa of the Mixis dolls by YNU Group in your list so I add a link for her because her background is Hispanic/Jewish. She has dark hair, a tawny complexion, but BLUE eyes so she doesn’t seem stereotypically Hispanic.

    Mattel provides a range of complexions for their Teresa dolls – some are tawny, others are fair. Kayla is a Mattel fashion doll who could be Hispanic, Native American, Black, or Asian.

    If the reporters, went to a dollar store then, yes, they would encounter some problems. Dollar store dolls come in pink or dark brown to represent “White” or “Black” race dolls.

    Thanks for this interesting post; I am going to go through my collection – and show the variety of “Hispanic/Latino” dolls and action figures I have found. It’s NOT that ethnic dolls aren’t out, you just have to find them and/or be willing to pay extra for them.


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