Attention, Job Seekers: Foxy Lady is Hiring

foxyFor those of you still unable to find the address of the upcoming Job Fair in Manhattan, Illinois, there’s an easier way to find work (and it doesn’t even require to dress up. At all.)

Foxy Lady, the Providence, R.I. strip club this weekend held a job fair, seeking applications for about 35 jobs such as dancers and massage girls, waitresses, bouncers, floor managers, DJs and “house moms.”

Among the new hires is Tania Azevedo, 21, a student at New England Institute of Technology studying to be a surgical technician. As told to the local press, Azevedo is confident of getting a job after graduation, but there will also be about $45,000 in student loans to repay and the tips from a nighttime bartender job would help.

See? When there’s a will [and a debt] there’s always a way [and a strip club joint willing to hire.]

p.s. Question from this blogger: What on Earth is a House Mom?

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