Want to Denounce a Crime in Mexico? Call Your Local Bank

hot-lineYou gotta love Mexico’s politicians.

As part of its ongoing fight against organized crime –and presumably in an effort to impress Hillary Clinton, who is paying a visit— the Mexican government this week set up a hot line for people to call in anonymously to denounce criminal activity. Alas, the number published nationwide on the Official Journal of the Federation turned out to be the switchboard of a local Scotiabank branch.

The Office of the Attorney General is sending countless corrections and even some apologies. Well, I mean, nobody’s perfect!

One thought on “Want to Denounce a Crime in Mexico? Call Your Local Bank

  1. México lindo y querido… Te cuento, Lau, que acabo de ver a dos jóvenes drogándose en el mismo parque donde juegan mis hijos y llamé a la policía… tardaron 40 minutos en llegar… Las llamadas por teléfono a la policía mexicana, son como las llamadas a misa… un verdadero albur. Besos

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