Happy Birthday To Me! There’s Nothing Like Beauty Queens to Cheer Up an Aging [Grumpy] Blogger

After several hours months struggling about what to post on this perfect occasion (birthday number *#$%^&*) I decided to go with my favorite video, ever. E-V-E-R. Not only because it provides me with 45 seconds of uncontrollable laughter, but because it constantly reminds me of the fact that being old -and hopefully a little wise- might be better than being young and dumb. (I can’t afford surgery anyway!)

Oh, and now that I have your attention, don’t forget to watch the spoof, featuring none other than Miss Piggy herself.

Thank you, ladies, for making me feel like Einstein every day!

Hat tip to my friend/colleague Edgar, who unearthed these jewels just in time!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me! There’s Nothing Like Beauty Queens to Cheer Up an Aging [Grumpy] Blogger

  1. Feliz Cumpleaños, Laura!! Me divierto frecuentemente gracias a tu blog, así que lo menos que puedo hacer es desearte lo mejor. Que pases un excelente día!

  2. Laurita… COMO ME HACES REIR!!! HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL B-DAY… y pues para dejar mi comentario, la Srta. Antioquia estuvo chevere pero la Panameña que por FIN reveló al mundo quién inventó la confución fue PRICELESS!! Eh – será que ella platicó con la Srta. de Colombia antes de que esta contestara esa pregunta y por eso su respuesta tan horriblemente confundida??? Ves, todo es culpa de los Chinos… 😛

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