Location Played Key Role in Father Alberto Cutié’s Fall From Grace: NYT


Forget all you’ve heard (or not) about the now infamous Hispanic celebrity priest Padre Alberto Cutié, who this week was caught on camera canoodling with some woman on the beach.

As far as the New York Times is concerned, the whole thing was bound to happen. The reason? Location. Location. Location.

“Father Cutié’s parish sits in the heart of South Beach, where even the mannequins have extra-large breasts,” wrote the NYT.

Had his parish been located in, say, Washington Heights, where mannequins are known for their extra-large buttocks (not breasts) his fall from grace would have been completely different (and maybe he would still be preaching in church, not on Univision.)



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3 thoughts on “Location Played Key Role in Father Alberto Cutié’s Fall From Grace: NYT

  1. I have to agree the temptation from location is difficult. He’s a young guy who says he “loves the woman” so the local church is defending him.. SoBe, where even the mannequins are HOT!! JaJaJa

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