Kellogg’s Reaches Out to Hispanics by Adding Honey [and a Little BS] to Corn Flakes Cereal

mielBrilliant marketing minds just don’t seem to stop working…

In its latest “branding breakthrough,” Kellogg’s is adding honey to its popular Corn Flakes cereal to target the Hispanic crowd (something this blogger is having a hard time to comprehend.)

“Kellogg’s Corn Flakes has been a part of the Latino breakfast experience for years,” Susanne Norwitz, director of brand PR at Kellogg’s told Brandweek magazine. (So, I wonder: why change it now?)

Anyhow, to make sure this thing is actually targeted at us, Kellogg’s has added the line “With a Touch of Honey” in both English and Spanish, because, I suppose, after all these years we haven’t figured out that honey is miel en inglés.

[Hot tip: Enjoy your plate of Corn Flakes con Toque de Miel while sipping your café con leche and surrounded by all those bongos in your office!]

5 thoughts on “Kellogg’s Reaches Out to Hispanics by Adding Honey [and a Little BS] to Corn Flakes Cereal

  1. RSS feeds are taking too long to read now, and I’ve been wanting to unsuscribe from non work-related blogs. Most are gone, but yours, agg, with posts like this one, it’s just been impossible!!

    Keep up the good work showing those awful, funny and enraging misunderstandings of Mexican (and the rest of Latinamerican) culture.

  2. I must go buy these NOW! I want to have a Latino breakfast experience!!! Thank you Kellogg’s for making ALL my breakfast dreams come true!!!

  3. I would like to know hot this corporate stupidity is allowed. And now we know who why Dora was changed into a Bratz Doll.

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