Tough Job Ahead for Mexican Cops


Speaking of spending taxes wisely, the Mexican police force wants our cops to look less like the guy on the left and more like the stud on the right. So, it is embarking on an ambitious plan to tackle the growing obesity among police officers.

According to media reports, Mexico’s Ministry of Public Security this week called upon the policemen to lose weight by living a healthy life like drinking more water, taking physical exercises and not eating junk food. Also:

“The ministry has sent 53 experts to give instructions on how to lose weight. Sports competitions like boxing, soccer and long-distance running will also be organized for the policemen.”

The government yet has to explain how these fellows will be able to afford healthy foods (i.e. not tacos de canasta) with a salary of $600 a month and how many sessions of soccer and boxing are needed to finally tackle the country’s rampant crime rate.

7 thoughts on “Tough Job Ahead for Mexican Cops

  1. Aquí en NY hubo un plan semejante para que los policías perdieran peso. Hicieron escándalo y funcionó por unos meses, pero luego siguieron tragando y engordando. Se ven ahora menos policías gordos, pero creo que se debe a que los asignaron a tareas de oficina y sacaron a la calle a los más jóvenes y esbeltos…

  2. FYI, the guy on the left died as the result of cancer that he developed following his assignment to the search and recovery efforts at the World Trade Center site following the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. Yes he was big boned but he loved his job and was a dedicated officer. RIP

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