Brüno’s ‘Brutality’ Against Mexicans Already Annoying Some non-Mexicans


As if there was nothing better to worry about us, “poor Mexicans” (i.e. economic collapse, rampant violence, daily kidnappings, swine flu, etc. etc.) the latest controversy regarding my people has to do with the upcoming Mexican release of Brüno, the movie featuring a gay model-turned-TV reporter played by Sacha Baron Cohen.

In his regular Miami Herald column, Argentinean journalist Andrés Oppenheimer slams Brüno for being “particularly brutal to Mexicans.” The brutality, he says, is clear during a scene in which Brüno invites his celebrity guests to sit on top of live Mexican men on their fours.

“Come and sit on our great furniture,” Brüno tells one of his show’s guests, Paula Abdul. “These are our Mexican chair people. Demi Moore has two of them in her house.”

To spice up the column, Oppenheimer quotes yet another Bruno: Bruno Ferrari, the head of Pro-Mexico, the Mexican government agency in charge of revamping the country’s image abroad, who confesses to having mixed feelings about the whole thing (though I’m not really sure if he knew anything about Brüno). Promptly, he sentenced:

“We will have to do a profound analysis to see how to react to this.”


(I’m happy to know my family’s tax money is finally being put into something useful.)

5 thoughts on “Brüno’s ‘Brutality’ Against Mexicans Already Annoying Some non-Mexicans

  1. I’m not sure I agree with Oppenheimer. I haven’t seen the movie, obviously, but what you relate sounds like satire of the way Mexican immigrants are treated as if they were furniture.

  2. i agree with cecilieaux!
    it is more a satire for “gringos” and a calling that they should be ashamed of what most of they do to inmigrants…considering that most of them call “mexicans” to almost every latin american inmigrant, it is not just a representation of mexicans, but latin inmigrants in general and how they are threated by ignorant US people (not all, just the ignorant ones). but since I know mexicans (im mexican myself) most of them will consider this a HUGE insult due to them being sooo proud of their nationalism (i wonder if they will be able to answer the question “what does “mexican” mean?” or know a bit about the true history and not just the bunch of lies like 5th of may or 15th of september).

  3. im proud to be Mexican and every body need to be proud about their countries, we are not perfect but nobody is right to insulted anybody, not for religion,not for culture, not for ideology, not for language, not for u wearing clothes oreat food,we need to remote to the beginning and our own History, whats means to be Mexican,? or Americans,? we are people , we are human and we deserve respect fpr each other, to be kind and polite nad dont critisism the way we leave, because nobody knows nothing about others, before God alwas we are same, and he love us, is not our fault to born in the countries other people doesnt like us, is not our fault to born with white or black skin, is our fault our own behaviour, and our grong choises in live, is our fault not to have manners, or values or to be so destructive and negative, who u are to tell others one aspect of the countries, and not the good things, nobody need to put levels and thinking every body is same, poor, thiev es, rapes, we are individuals with different perception of lives,why we need to hate each other, why, is waste the time, God mades for peace and love, and in reality is not bother me what the people said, because i know who i am, very good mexican and citizen in Australia, and in Mexico and anywere place i go

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