Schwarzenegger to Outsource Imprisonment of Mexicans… In Mexico

You can say anything about California’s governor but you cannot deny the guy’s gotta head full of brilliant ideas.

In his most recent political -and economic- potential breakthrough, the Governator is proposing to pay the Mexican government to house the estimated 20,000 undocumented immigrants that are incarcerated in California. Why, it’s simple!

“Think about it. We pay the Mexican government to build the prison in Mexico and then we have these undocumented immigrants be down there in prison. With their prison guards and all this, it’s half the cost to build and half the cost to operate the prison. We gain $1 billion right there that could go into higher education.”

Of course! Just imagine the world of possibilities: Mexican prisoners will get better food and hopefully better treatment (because they will be watched by their “own people”) while Californians will get a better access to higher education. This, in turn, will create better educated people, so hopefully in the future they will not screw up when picking their elected officials.

This is a win-win situation, people!

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