Slipped on Banana Peel? ‘Meta un Sú’ and Don’t Let a Douchebag Ruin Your Life

If you ever need to sue somebody in “Cuban” and –more specifically– in Miami, you’d be better off hiring a professional lawyer and, more importantly, stay away from the douchebags (mequetrefes).

By using the wonderful, un-translatable and cubanísimo concept of meter un sú (to sue somebody) a company in Bloca Raton, Fla. urges U.S. Hispanics to look for the best legal counsel instead of letting some mequetrefe (incompetent fool?) ruin your life as a consequence of an accident.

According to, theirs is the place to go online when one seeks to meter un sú, whether you’ve been bitten by a dog, being involved in a car accident or -as their logo suggests- slipped on banana peel.

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