Longoria Reveals Yet Another Artistic Quality

Not content with having achieved a successful career as a television star, restaurateur, philanthropist and museum buff, my favorite retro-acculturated Latina, Eva Longoria, is ready to make a splash in the world of documentary filmmaking.

As an official Pepsi spokesperson, Longoria is set to direct and produce an intriguing documentary about Hispanics and how our experiences “have helped shape the American landscape,” which I think has nothing to do with landscaping, but you never know.

Eva’s documentary is part of a bigger effort, inexplicably called “Yo Sumo” and launched by Pepsi to show how U.S. Hispanics count, contamos or -as the company will have you believe- sumamos.
I personally want to sumar my voice and congratulate Mrs. Longoria Parker on her new venture, although I fear it might interfere with her role as an active member of the CSPCNMAL. Only time will tell.

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