Chandler, Arizona Celebrates Cinco de Mayo With Chihuahua Race. Whoof! Catch Them if you Can

Enough with the bad news hailing from Nazi Arizona. Residents of Chandler, AZ. are ready for their Cinco de Mayo celebration, which this year will include a Chihuahua race scheduled to take place in the courtyard of the downtown Chandler Public Library. According to the contest’s organizers:

“To participate, dogs must be purebred Chihuahuas, have current vaccinations and must be on leash when not racing.”

No word yet on how the local police plans to check the pets’ legal status, but since Chandler belongs to Maricopa County, I’m sure they’ll find a way.

Whoof! Whoof! catch them if you can!

4 thoughts on “Chandler, Arizona Celebrates Cinco de Mayo With Chihuahua Race. Whoof! Catch Them if you Can

  1. Jajajajaja… a ver si no acaban todos esos Chihuahua en la cárcel, Lau… ya son ganas de joder, de verdad…

  2. LOL! Maybe it would be better if they kept the event low key this year and disguised themselves as American Hairless Terrier pups.

    Hawaiian Poi is another option, but then people might still continually ask for their birth certificate and accuse them of being from Kenya.

  3. While they have to be purebred chihuahuas, The official city website Says this “** In order to avoid discrimination against rescued Chihuahuas, no documentation will be required. If your dog looks like a Chihuahua and acts like a Chihuahua— it can race. However, if your Chihuahua is mixed with another breed that could give it an advantage, he/she will not be allowed to participate. The judges will determine eligibility should any question arise.”

    I am so excited! My moms chihuahua is racing! Lots of fun!

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