Here’s Why I Won’t Take Part in a Beauty Pageant

I always knew there had to be a strong reason for me not to participate in a beauty pageant. And here’s why: These people are brutal. So much so, they have stripped Domonique Ramirez, 17, of her Miss San Antonio beauty queen title and handed off the tiara to another girl because, among other violations…

Ramirez reportedly got too fat from eating tacos, adding an inch or two to her figure…

That is, like, not fair.

I think pageant organizers should just tweak the name of her crown a little, and simply call her “Miss Carnitas.” That way I’m sure she’ll attract some big Hispanic marketers including KFC, Old El Paso or even El Pueblano.

If all of this fails, we’ll just have to send Domonique to join the Mexico City police force.

One thought on “Here’s Why I Won’t Take Part in a Beauty Pageant

  1. two inches is not A LOT! I gain two inches by drinking alot of water. So sorting Cocaine is ok but eating is not?

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