New Mexico Unable to Beat ‘Regular Mexico’ in Cooking World’s Largest Taco

Mayor Jackie McKinney tosses diced tomatoes on what state officials are calling the "world's largest Navajo taco" in Gallup, N.M.

This blogger has absolutely no idea what a “navajo taco” is but residents of Gallup, N.M. got a taste of it this past weekend, when the city attempted to enter the World Records of Guiness by cooking a colossal one. According to the local press:

The taco, which was more than 10 feet in diameter, used 150 pieces of fry bread, 65 pounds of ground beef, 65 pounds of beans, 50 pounds of lettuce, 90 pounds of cheese, and more than 30 pounds of green chile.

Sorry, my friends, but the title-holder of world’s largest taco still belongs to Mexico, according to the Guinness Book of World Records itself. That cheese- and meat-filled concoction, which was prepared by the city of Mexicali in March 2003, weighed in at 1,654 pounds.


2 thoughts on “New Mexico Unable to Beat ‘Regular Mexico’ in Cooking World’s Largest Taco

  1. Years ago, while traveling across navajo country, the greyhound bus stop in an uncommon Taco Bell, the sign was not the common taco bell sign, and the taco was outstanding!! I still remember it as one of the best tacos ever tried. I am mexican, living in México, so I can tell about tacos.

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