‘Cosmopolitan’ Wants you to Know Latin Sex is Spicier than Regular Sex

Wanna know what’s worse than 50 Shades of Grey? A Cosmpolitan for Latinas review of 50 Shades of Grey.

Written by Ariel Nagi, the review aims at giving a “Latin twist” to the inexplicably Best-Selling book about bondage and spanking. Why? Well, because, as Jezebel cleverly points out, the author of this piece of shit notes that author E. L. James’s mother is Chilean. Duh!

Haven’t read the review yet? Here’s what you’re missing!

Scenario: Talk dirty…before sex. Christian and Anastasia send naughty emails to each other.

The Latino Way: Keep it old school and leave him a post-it note prepping him for what’s to come later tonight. Don’t get too sucia though, say something cute and witty like “pensando en ti” or if you want to get just a little sexier tell him you’ll be thinking of his hot body all day.

¡Ay, dios mío!

via: Jezebel

One thought on “‘Cosmopolitan’ Wants you to Know Latin Sex is Spicier than Regular Sex

  1. “50 Shades of Grey Sex — Latin Style

    If you haven’t read the erotic novel that has taken women around the world by storm, you should! Warning: it’ll make you wish your guy can play the Christian Grey role sometimes…so we took the phenomenon and added a Latin twist to it and offer the best tips on getting him to have 50 shades of hot sex with you!”
    I pity you, Ariel Nagi. You sound dumb, or you just write dumb, for money. Like an intellectual prostitute. Anyhoo, I’m most offended anyone would suggest people should read that craptacular book. Did you really mean that? Or did your soul die a little as you wrote it?

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