Hispanic Cheaters are not as Bad as Regular Cheaters

Hispanic men and women who cheat on their wives and husbands are not really disgusting pigs. ¡No, señor!

According to the authority in established cheating, Ashley Madison:

“Hispanic men and women who cheat on their spouses are more monogamous in their affairs than the rest of its customers.”

Now you know it.

And these people know what they’re talking about. They even have a dedicated news service called -what else?- Infidelity News.

One thought on “Hispanic Cheaters are not as Bad as Regular Cheaters

  1. I was back from Queretaro visting Boston a few months back, and a young Latino who’d been bird-dogging half the joint was on his cellphone next to me. “No, bebe, I know ju wanna be wit me tonigh….buh bebe, here what I tell ju, when I not weet ju, dat when I MOST weet ju….Ja bebe, dess righ, I mo weet ju rah now den I ever weet ju when I weet ju…..ju all I tink abou when I no weet ju, when I weet ju, I tink all sortso sheet, but now, it’s all ’bout ju, bebe, I totally weet ju….yeah bebe, dess righ, now more den ebah. I weet ju mose on nighs lak tonigh. Ok, bebe, keeses to ju too, I love ju bebe, I weet ju oh-ways. Des righ bebe, you so sweet. Keeses.”

    I’ve never been more impressed.

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