Pivotal PR Thinks this Press Release is in Spanish

UPDATE: Nicole Wool, a publicist for Allison Pescosolido, sent me an email explaining what had happened with the Spanish-language pitch on behalf of her client. You can scroll down to the end of this post to read her email (unedited.) 

A PR executive in Los Angeles (I’ve withheld his name) sent me the following press release in what he believes is the Spanish language. Not only the letter is plagued with typos and grammatical errors, but it includes several made-up words and phrases that can actually be very amusing (i.e. He wants to physically introduce one of his clients into my humble anatomy.) He also thinks his client (the same client who will be introduced inside myself) can help couples deal with stuff like the “brokerage” of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Truly amusing, I tell you.

Let’s tally the grammatical errors, shall we?:

Hola Laura- Espero que estes bien y que tu semana a empesado con tranquilidad.

Te quiero intruducir a un cliente mio que se llama Allison Pescosolido MA. Allison es una expert en relaciones y es la fundadora de la series educacionales – Divorce Detox. La maravilla es que Allison ayuda a gente con sus relaciones etc. y trabaja mucho con la communidad latina. So no solamente relaciones si no cuando pase un divorcio como ser buenos padres, que es saludable para los ninos, como tartar espiritualmente, pshycologicamente y como sobresalir algo tan dificil. Ciendo una expert en el divorcio le ayudado tambien hacer una expert en relaciones que acaban de empesar. Ayudar y notar signos de alarma, como negociar, y como escojar parejas y trabajar por situaciones que pueden ser impossible de controlar.

En addicion Allison has trabajado con estrellas de Hollywood- Nombrandoce una experta de las estrellas, su trabajo ha apparecido en E!, Access Hollywood, y Hollyscoop y en las revistas de OK! Magazine, Life & Style, NY Times y muchos mas.

Unos topicos que quisiera voluntary para tu audencia y la communidad Latina incluyen:

– Como Sobrevivir los dias festivos: Las primeras vacaciones sin tu esposo o esposa, las primeras vacaciones sin tus hijos y creando nuevas tradiciones.

-Relaciones de larga distancia y como hacer las trabajar.

Sobreviendo Infedilidad

Soporte a la infancia y las leyes: Cosas que todos papas deverian de saber.

-Relaciones de los celebridades y las rompesas de relaciones como Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes o Kanye West/Kim Kardashian cuando tengas una historia de divorcio, compromise o historias de relaciones.

– Consejos de relaciones: donde conocer personas, como hacer espacio por algiuen nuevo cuando estas muy ocupado, que signos son alambrantes.

-Consejos generales de divorcio: como mantener una relacion saludable o como ser buenos padres despues de un divorcio.

Por favor dejame saber si esto es algo que te interasa– quisiera trabajar con tigo! Aprecio tu ayuda y espero con interes escuchar sus pensamientos.


Account Executive | Pivotal Public Relations

544 South San Vicente Boulevard | Los Angeles | CA 90048



Here is the response of Ms. Wool, sent on Nov. 16, 2012.

Hi Laura:

My name is Nicole Wool.  I am the publicist for Allison Pescosolido.  I saw the release that you posted from Pivotal PR regarding Allison.  I am so very sorry.  Pivotal was handling elements of Allison’s campaign, and a publicist in that office who is Latin, translated this pitch on the publicist’s (John’s) behalf.  Unbeknownst to John and contrary to what John’s colleague represented, her Spanish is clearly not strong.  

Is there any way you might please consider taking down your post?  I realize it must have come off as insulting and inexperienced.  However, it is terribly embarrassing to Allison.  She did not approve this pitch, nor did she have any awareness that the PR firm sent it out on her behalf. She is a great expert and doesn’t deserve to be collateral damage in what was clearly a major mistake.   She has worked very hard to build an excellent reputation and helped many people.  

Might you please consider taking it down? I am happy to discuss this with you and to do whatever it takes to make this right. 

Nicole Wool | CEO

9 thoughts on “Pivotal PR Thinks this Press Release is in Spanish

  1. Why should you taking it down? If they don’t care about something so relevant as the proper use of ANY language, Why should you care about their reputation?

  2. Leave it up! A good reminder to the value of having Hispanic PR agencies and experts – not just someone “Latin” in the office who claims to be fluent.

  3. “a publicist in that office who is Latin”… Latin? What the hell. O Laura, you need to slap some sense into this basic bitches ASAP. Do not delete the post. May they learn the lesson the hard way.

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