Univision’s Bárbara Bermudo Launches Clothing Line at -Where Else?- Pompis Store


Latino celebrities are a resourceful bunch. Not content with having the main role on a telenovela, host a network’s most successful TV show or sell out music venues worldwide, they can easily switch gears to sell bottled waterflavored chips and/or their own fragrances.

The turn is now for the sculptural Bárbara Bermudo, host of Univision’s Primer Impacto, who this week announced with great fanfare the launch of CAMI, a clothing, shoe and fashion line inspired on her two daughters (Camila and Mía.)

If you know Bárbara Bermudo you’d agree with me that she is known almost as much for her curves than for her intellectual stamina. So it is no surprise her clothing line will be sold at Puerto Rico’s famed Pompis Stores. [NOTE FOR THE MONOLINGUAL CROWD: I urge you to look up the word “pompis” so you can appreciate the true scope of this venture.]

With the launch at Pompis Store, Bermudo and her bundles of joy are joining yet another “pompous” Latina: Maripili, whose Maripili Jeans are a thing of  beauty.



3 thoughts on “Univision’s Bárbara Bermudo Launches Clothing Line at -Where Else?- Pompis Store

  1. Bárbara Bermudo is a good personality on Primer Impacto.
    And she is not childless as with many American news personalities.
    A working woman in the public that is pregnant and giving birth is not as good an example as a stay at home wife and mommy, but it does demonstrate a woman does not have to contracept or abortion kill her babies to keep a job.

    Pray for Barbara and her family.


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