Mexican Brewery Celebrates ‘Day of the Dead’ with a Typo


I think it’s great that Cervecería Mexicana has decided to celebrate Day of the Dead (and not Halloween) with a special DOA IPA sold exclusively in the United States. But if they were going to give gringos a lesson about how to properly celebrate the scariest day of the year, they might as well have taught them -also- the importance of placing accents.

As everybody knows, we (i.e. The Mexicans) celebrate “día” de los muertos; not “dia.” At least when it comes to Spanish, typos really scare me.

2 thoughts on “Mexican Brewery Celebrates ‘Day of the Dead’ with a Typo

  1. BTW. It’s not “día de los muertos”, that sounds funny and it’s not used at all.

    The real term is “día de muertos” or more properly: “Día de los Fieles Difuntos”.

    Then again the proper name in english is not “accent” as that denotes a persons way of talking. The grammatically correct way would be “diacritical mark”.

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