Mexican Courier Service Picks Best Name Ever


In an era dominated by iPods, iPads, iPhones, iTunes and iMacs… how else were you going to call your Mexico City-based budding courier service, offering speedy deliveries nationwide

This is Mexican ingenuity at its best.


Photo and h/t: Enrique Bustamante, Mexico City

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6 Responses to Mexican Courier Service Picks Best Name Ever

  1. ctorres716 says:

    Gotta love mi raza workin it always

  2. ctorres716 says:

    Reblogged this on Carmen's Blog and commented:
    Love it – mi raza working it always

  3. LOL! Very funny! this is the type of thing you ONLY see in Mexico, I love this country!!

  4. SkyExpress says:

    I like this ivoy courier services and very good services

  5. mailplus says:

    Appreciate it pertaining to write about…. The definitely very helpful…

  6. Kristi Moore says:

    Really interesting name for courier process service.

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