125 thoughts on “White Mexican Kids Bring Coke, a Smile, and a Pat on the Shoulder to Indigenous Community

    1. GEEZ! Really! WHITE SPANIARDS have been in Mexico for five hundred years! I’ve known quite as few people in/from Mexico, with blonde hair and blue eyes, that barely speak the English language, if at all. I guess 500 years is not long enough to have resided there to be considered or counted among the “indigenous” people. OY!

    2. It is not the kids’ problem. The government has the right what to show to them and what not. You must understand Coke is loaded with teaspoons of sugar every bottle or tin can and it is not good to their health and yours. Who benefits in this commercial? The soda company, of course. (Did you know that thousands of Mexican natives perished because of the disease brought by Europeans? It is a historical fact.)

      1. And did you know that thousands also died from being sacrificed? Historical fact. Did you know that there were already diseases in Mexico killing the population before whites ever got there? Historical fact. And did you small minds love to criticize white people know matter what they do? Historical fact!
        I can do this all day…


      3. They shouldn’t drink the Coke but Coke has every right to advertise and sell the product just like you would if you owned the company.

    3. Santa Cruz Tierra Negra Mixe Oaxaca 1. In this video which was placed in between two Coca-Cola videos it shows a PEPSI machine to the left of all the band. Just sayin. . .

    4. Keyboard commenters are constantly using racial issues, even if they are not real, to try and make a name for themselves. That is all this is about.

    5. This commercial has been redone for decades, since the 60’s. It has changed little, nobody has had a problem with it as much as now. Have a Coke & a smile. BTW, I personally hate Coke since Pepsi is far better, but that could be considered some form of racism by some jackass, so.

    6. Exactly, it’s just a commercial. The tree is cool… that is the only unbelieveable part – how it lights up, no way they put that together. I am Mexican, can we please not join the ranks of idoits and ethnicities that think they have an inalienable right to monitor people’s speech and views. There is nothing wrong with this commercial. If it offends you then you have been brainwashed by the stomping minions that love to find something to protest about..especially if there are white people involved. Seriously, is Coke making you fat.??..did you not know they have a diet alternative? The next time your abuela comes over are you going to say “Abuela please fix me a vegetable platter? Seriously? or “Abuela, can you make some tortillas”? Let’s not be hypocrites here. I like Coke… how are they using people? I don’t get it. If you pay for the drink and they withhold it, that’s wrong, but if you pay and you get a drink, that’s a win win.

    7. I didn’t see anything wrong w/ it.
      The consumer rights and health groups, in addition to Coke fans, are looking for money opportunity, common now!

      1. I can’t believe that people see something wrong with this commercial and call this racist. Has everyone gone nuts in the world? I think so!

      2. For a stranger to pat an elder on the shoulder is asking for it, plus why push Coke into it. If Coke has all that money and power why not pay a native company to do the research so they don’t step on anyone…

    8. It’s not wrong and I actually thought the commercial was inspiring! Stupid people with a chip on their shoulder thinks this is racists! There are much bigger problems in the world than this so anyone that doesn’t like it needs to shut up and have a Coke!!!

  1. May be you should remember that as long as you live here in America, we are YOUR people. If not, then go back to YOUR people, dumb ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I
    found the ad to be well intended and harmless and think that all of you need to get off your high horse of judgement and self pity and assume responsibility for yourselves and your own actions and stop pointing fingers at everyone else.

    1. Ignorance about the product is the problem here. All the consumer knows is it taste good. That’s all. Side effects, they know nothing about.

      1. What the heck are you blabbering about? Now these people aren’t smart enough to know that a sugary, carbonated beverage isn’t as good as clean potable water for them? You sound racist, not Coke!

      2. if you are worried about the side effects that there is none than I guess you should worry about the air you breath too. the side effects from pollutants you breath can kill you

    2. why do we always turn a fun and celebration into negative.? Offensive this, offensive that. Ugh! Let’s just enjoy the ad and move on. If it offended you, do not patronize coke. I like Pepsi but i also like happy ads.

  3. I’m sorry, I don’t read Spanish….so was there something written in Spanish that was offensive and if so, please tell me what the wording was so I understand why you were offended. if it was something in the movie part of the ad…..I’m in Seattle WA and was not offended by anything I saw. Regardless if the ad portion minus the wording in Spanish were done in the USA, Italy, France or anywhere else in the world, I would not have been offended. However if a Redneck, someone raised as a prejudice person seeing people of the same sex together only to assume they are together sexually because their minds are closed due to STUPIDITY and being CLOSED MINDED because they are so DUMB THEY HAVE NO IMAGINATION that two friends can touch or place their arms around each other of the same sex and not be sexually attractive to one another…..really need to get their head out of the gutter and figure out reality. Until they know the facts never assume. One day you may reject some you care for only to discover YOU WERE WRONG and assumed the worse. On the other hand, You may assume a couple are just friends and later discover your best friends for 10 years are actually lovers. Would you really dump them because they were lovers and you were too blind to realize it or because they were too busy being your best friend and not trying to put the make on you? Sorry Charlie, not everyone that is gay will want in your pants….even we have good taste and judgement.

    1. I think you’re the only one who thinks it’s homophobic. Everyone else thinks it’s racist. On the other hand, I think it’s neither, so in my opinion, I think it’s just about as homophobic as it is racist, so it would make just as much sense to criticize it for that.

  4. I like it too. It has no violence offensive language or racism. This just shows how much people want to complain but if it had those three things that would being saying it was good.

  5. I second that motion Jasmine. I do not find this add to be offensive. I find it to be uplifting and a message of Unity. Its just a damn tree that some kids decide to build and honestly I see both white and Mexican kids. I just don’t understand. No. The tree does not solve the bigger problems but, its not supposed to. I think this add is about being happy on the holidays together. Period.

    1. Either do I. This does not make it offensive. People are just getting so Darn picky and trying to see the wrong in everything and just don’t see things for what they are. just a nice time, and sharing some fun. Of course, I would like to see a part two when they take down the tree in January and recycle the wood to make something useful repair a school, houses, make a community building or something.

  6. I have spent time on an off in Mexico for about 40. When I have looked at Mexican television, there is constant racist advertisement of this type where the cool hip people, and sometime all the people do not look like Mexicans you would meet in the street and all look like they are from Denmark or Germany or at least Northern Mexico and do not look like every day Mexicans.

    You even see in commercials people supposedly dressed like Indios or working class Mexicans who are blued and blond. It gives the message to the vast majority of Mexicans who look like the villagers that they are not people, that they are not the cool hip people,. and to get good things you should be like them, and that they are unpersons in their own country.

    At the back of that is hundreds of years of massacres, oppressions, discrimination, and racism from a Spanish and other European descended elite against the Mestizo and pure Indio vast majority of Mexico, massive disaparity in wealth, and political power, and the concentration of the oppressive violence that characterizes Mexico.

    This nasty commercial imposes the idea that the cool hip white looking Spanish looking, essentially unMexican people are bringing something nice to the poor stupid, backward deprived people of this indigenous village. What are they bringing, an unhealthy, over sugar drink with very high amounts of caffeine that is good only if you want to rot your teeth, get fat, develop a sugar addiction.

    Coke is peddled very heavily in countries super exploited by imperialism with a colonialist heritage like Mexico as a “safe” drink where easily drinkable water isn’t available and where many do not have refrigerators. I have seen coke ads and coke signs and coke paraphernalia in remote villages in India and Nepal.

    The message here is you indios have no culture nothing worth while, while we rich kids from the city who are white are bringing you fun, and coolness. But all you are bringing is a nasty drink that will rot your teeth and make you fat and sugar and caffeine addicted. But aren’t we cool for doing it,

    1. “This nasty commercial imposes the idea that the cool hip white looking Spanish looking, essentially unMexican people are bringing something nice to the poor stupid, backward deprived people of this indigenous village. What are they bringing, an unhealthy, over sugar drink with very high amounts of caffeine that is good only if you want to rot your teeth, get fat, develop a sugar addiction.”

      Wow! Really? Who is really imposing the idea? Coca-Cola did not give me an idea the people being shown were backward deprived people as you say. You did, but they did not. I saw people enjoying their day and some outsides coming through with a random act of kindness and hooking up a wooden tree and some Coca-Cola’s. I gave up cokes three years ago. I drink only water now, but in regards to what we are bring to mexico, thanks’ for the Mexican enchilada’s and refried beans! Very health stuff ya’ll have over there! Of course, being from Louisiana, I love it. Now, I have listened to your point of view, can you at least see some of our point of view.

    2. oh give me a break!~ You are about as ridiculous as your racial slurs. YOU are the cause of any friction and racism, not a sweet coca cola commercial. Geeeeee
      Im not even a coke fan, ill take ICED TEA any day, but Coca Cola has always been hats off to the people. “Id like to teach the world to sing…..” Apparantley, like the sweet era i grew up in, even coke is getting wiped out. What a farce!

    3. Tony, You are delusional! You are obviously another glossy eyed disciple of the liberal media. Do you have any original thoughts to add or do you just continuously parrot the socialist liberal line?

  7. Get the hell outta here! Don’t try to bring American “political correctness” into Mexico. The ad represents exactly what is right with this world. What young adults should be doing more of. This whole “white privilege” bullshit is getting overplayed.

  8. nicely done other companies should do the same, invest the money in the “rural” vicinities, I didn’t even know where this town was at!!!!!! now I know, thus…STOP WHINING

  9. YEAH!! Trying to restore bonds with Mexico is a horrible idea! Let’s have a Pepsi and a side of political correctness, people!

  10. one of the most simple acts of human kindness is to offer someone a Coca-Cola,since when did sharing a coke become offensive? Coca-Cola (the company) certainly didnt set out to produce a commercial to offend anyone nor do they engage in any activity that would alienate any demographic that uses their product.The problem is in this hyper-senitiive world everybody wants to champion a cause,weather they know what they are talking about or not,I mean really ,your offended that a white kid gave a Mexican a Coke? What about all these white churches that go on mission trips to Mexico every year and dig wells,build houses and try to improve the lives of these people, does that offend you ?,I mean these people do have pride dont they, I am sure they can dig a well without our help but nobody is offended by that, It amuses me some of the things people complain about. after all it was only a cold beverage.its not like they were giving vodka to babies.the point I am trying to make is if your gonna be a cry baby find something worthwhile to bitch about, And I leave you with this statement I Coca-Cola.impoverished none. refreshes everyone

    1. You think drinking loads of sugar is not harmless? Think about it, read more about drinking Coke. Did you know that you can use this drink to remove rusts from metals?

  11. Tony, what is wrong with you? This is a commercial of sharing. I mean it is the Christmas season and Coke always does some type of unity commercial. You stated, “This nasty commercial imposes the idea that the cool hip white looking Spanish looking, essentially unmexican people are bringing something nice to the poor stupid, backward deprived people of this indigenous village. What are they bringing, an unhealthy, over sugar drink with very high amounts of caffeine that is good only if you want to rot your teeth, get fat, develop a sugar addiction”.
    I sure hope these people represent are not YOUR people because if they are I sure as hell would not want you to speak for me, especially if this is how you see these people. Nowhere in this commercial did I see backward deprived people shuffling and singing for a Coke.
    The commercial is about Coke so of course the tree would be a Coke bottle, it’s called advertisement. Now if the red structure was of a deprived Mexican hanging from a rope begging for a Coke as his last thirst quencher from a white person then I might have a problem with the commercial.
    Tony, I am an African American woman in her fifties and I have to say I am so sick and tired of everything coming down to race and ethnicity. When did Americans become so offended about everything? If you want to get offended about something get offended about homelessness, poverty, unemployment, we Americans are so worried about how to get what we say and do politically correct that we don’t anything to help anyone.
    I’m beginning to believe that being offended is our “out” for not having to get involved. Tony you sound like a passionate person but I believe there is so much more to be offended at then a bunch of white kids bringing Coke to a village.
    Tony think on this, I used to think just like you. I would get offended to see white people in Africa helping the poor black kids but that was until I realized that not all black people are interested in going to Africa. So if I didn’t go to Africa to help how could I be offended at a white person who did?
    Tony if you don’t want to see white people in a village bringing cheer and unity then get up off your ass, go to Mexico, buy some Coke, help the people build a home, build a fire in the end then slap yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for being a great person.

    1. Very well said! When I saw this ad I saw people bringing a gift of joy to other people. When you look at the world and separate everyone into a color group or ethnic group that is what is keeping racism alive. As long as there are people that care enough to make a difference in someone’s life, what does it matter where they are from? Yes this is an advertisement for Coke, however, the deeper message is one to inspire unity and participation. Sad that this has become something it was not intended to be. Hopefully the people offended by this ad can dig a little deeper and look at how it’s that attitude that creates adversity.

  12. I think they should be worried more about the cartels murdering thousands and the real reason that el crapo escaped to continue his drug business… yeah, go ahead and drink the water.there…

  13. This is not a bad commercial, its just that a commercial, and one that says have a coke and a smile and don’t forget about someone else in the holiday time. It’s not a White vs. Mexican deal. or a White Mexican vs. Rural Mexican thing. People are looking for the negative in everything! So go out and have a coke and a smile and share one with someone you have never met. Leave the negativity for after the new year, and maybe – just maybe you will keep the positivity in your life, for many more months.

  14. Oh my god, I’m so tired of this PC Bull crap. It’s a beverage. You have a lot of white people helping build a wooden X Mas tree in Mexico. Oh no, it’s racist…give me a break. People that cry about this crap are the reason American society is in decline. Stop crying about EVERY LITTLE THING.

  15. We don’t need a history lesson! No country is pure or innocent. This ad is happy and uplifting!
    Cat said it all, it’s a simple act of kindness and love. Why don’t we stop living in the past and make a point to show love and kindness to all we have the honor we get to come into contact with

  16. I can’t believe that anyone could have been offended by this commercial.. why don’t you go out and get a job somewhere and stop your complaining about nothing..

  17. It’s a freakin’ commercial for soda pop. Everyone needs to lighten the hell up. Jasmin Sawyer, you’re my kinda gal. I’m going to borrow your phrase, “I really think that people are scraping for reasons to be offended these days.” Well put.

  18. I worked on the san fransico water front as longshoreman and my buddies would get there before me and write sign on the before me and write kill the limie. I thought it was very funny most of my friends are Mexican and I love them very much. we are to up tight antonio

  19. I’m a black guy, and I didn’t see anything racial, or pushing white privilege on a poor community. The commercial has a very positive vibe like Coke is use to doing. It’s ridiculous what people want to find flaws in. Seems like nobody can do anything for a positive reason without someone finding the negative in it. There shouldn’t be a poor community anywhere in the world, but thanks to Coke, this community gets shoved into the limelight and I hope that brings privilege and prosperity to the population there, and maybe it not be a poor community anymore.

  20. I tend to find better than half the time I am wrong. what’s surprising to me is I am able to find something.

    I want to record what I know and as stupid as I find it the preconceived problem is that those that find they are the minority in a commercial is that which they have made themselves how they cannot see that they have a need to believe as such they have ended up with beliefs that should not even in consideration let alone one they would hold as their own.

    It is know that in conveying a message of goodwill to those that meet the merits of deserving you are in fairest image if you use a small number of those that would spread the word since history has marked the many times too many end in bloodshed. most often time the fear of takeover fuels those fears.

    and as with things that have something that can not be a truth the reasons endless that failure becomes unavoidable.

    if one can remove concerns over those that are unable to know as you do then it is as it should be, if we focus a need of caring on those that know as we know then we truly should feel whole as everyone meant it.

    I know that individuals are better helped by knowing that knowing is how it is then by having to find a ways to need to believe simply the need has never anyone known as what they know for their knowledge clearly shows there are too many times having a belief in something means nothing and has not one bit of worth since its too easily used in manipulating that which may be manipulated by numbers or any way that is.

  21. We bring them Coca-Cola and they bring us with marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and violent, organized crime syndicates. I’m sorry, I forgot, what was it that that offended everyone again?

  22. I think that is probably the stupidest commercial I’ve seen in a while, on many levels. Not to mention, they couldn’t make a better “tree” for them? My four sons (8-14) could have done better then some wood just thrown on top of each other.

    1. I agree, it made me smile also. its about two cultures working together for a common goal. they brought coke as a refreshment. I am white and I have nieces and nephews and a brother in law that are Mexican and we are one happy family we don’t see each other as different cultures. I also have African Americans and Orientals in my family. Racism is not a factor unless you make it that way.

  23. I can see where this commercial may seem harmless. I do wonder why only the white population of America is represented. If America is interested in restoring thier bonds with Mexico in real life then why don’t they do something real for them. How much did it take to make this Coke commercial, equipment, time, actors paid? Why doesn’t the company, this country, try to put that money into a water system so maybe these remote communities could have safe, fresh drinking water available to them?

    1. This is the best response yet! If they showed volunteers with community led project with LASTING RESULTS paid by CocaCola this would have far more impact and real holiday cheer. They could end with a celebratory event and film some folk drinking Coke in the background. (I am not a fan of promoting soda when people don’t have clean water to drink by the way.)

    2. Did we forget that Coke has a production plant in Mexico (as well as Pepsi) that bring them jobs and put money back into there economy? I might add that their product taste better than the US makes. just saying…..

    3. Uncounted numbers of ‘white americans’ do go to Mexico regularly to help them. Ask yourself, why does the Mexican media seem to keep that out of the sights of Mexican citizens?

      (btw, the CEO of Coca Cola is Turkish)

  24. Once again, the whites have to take up the slack and do the work lazy messicans can’t or won’t do. Those villagers could have easily built a Christmas tree out of scrap wood. Let’s reverse the situation. Why didn’t a group of illegal messicans cross the US border and come to an American town and put up a tree?! Why did WE have to go help THEM?! Crazy.

  25. Looks like the white kids were packing lumber also. Most likely to help them build the project. No big deal if they brought along the refreshments also.

  26. I’ve been a truck driver for Coca-Cola for 24 years. When I see messicans on my route, I swerve my truck at ’em and laugh as they scramble like little cucarachas! I roll down my window and yell, “Go back to Mexico, ya burrito-lovin’ freaks!” Oh, the holidays! I can’t WAIT to get in my truck Monday! Ole!

  27. Did any of you every think that you’re taking offense to it was the intent? That you wouldn’t have paid attention to the commercial other?

    Perhaps you don’t understand the concepts of social engineering. That this commercial is a method of taking advantage of your biases and ingrained bigotry (in this case, those against people who look European). Welcome to cultural marxism, welcome to the world of what U.S. leftist influence is trying to foster in your nation. Because, off of that, much profit and gains can be made from creating racial divisions.

    Learn about the game being played instead of being played by it.

  28. It’s white racist colonialism bringing poison to indigenous people. You think Coke corporation is something the indigenous need? Really? It’s not about political correctness. It’s about money, greed and exploitation which have nothing to do with real caring. And of course they could have put up their own tree and it would have been a whole lot nicer than a gringo one made by Coke heads. The implication is that it is white people arriving to save the day for the people of color. Yeah, sure there are white Mexicans and all and white people visiting Mexico but that’s irrelevant. This isn’t about anything other than exploitation. Insulting.

    1. Grow up! It’s funny that there’s black entertainment tv station and you don’t hear white or brown people bitching about that!!!

      1. That’s because EVERY OTHER station is white entertainment tv. … funny that is what you got out of this discussion though.

    2. Leslene, it is truly sad that you are such a disciple of the liberal media being force fed to you. You really should study more history and make your own INFORMED decisions. Coca-Cola has put more money into Central and South America and given more jobs and fulfilled more dreams in a year than you could ever accomplish sitting there criticizing what you know nothing about. How many jobs have you created? How many trips did you make to help these people?

      Get a clue!

  29. There always is some group who has their head up their ass waiting to pounce on anyone just to start some ****.

  30. As a “white Mexican” I find it offensive that you find it offensive. I am sick and tired of people in the “OMG let’s get offended” found this commercial to tear apart. I have a sister that was born with red hair and a grandfather that had grey eyes and I have never said … Oh wait, can’t visit my relatives in rural mexico to take them clothes because they will be offended by the color of my skin. Funny that you don’t hear people in Mexico complaining about it because in Mexico they know they live in a society of ethnic diversity so they are not so easily offended by the color of someone’s skin. Or can’t visit this commercial because the white people are giving to the darker skinned people. Oh and just so you know THE SUN darkens peoples skin so if you live in rural areas where you work in the fields and generally walk around more than we who live in the city and stay in doors stuck to our computers would be seen as lighter skinned or “white” . Just saying….. and grow up is the best answer, don’t be offended by every little thing because your life will be richer for the good people do rather than how they “may” be offending you.

  31. Did anyone actually think that this could be a ploy by someone within the Coca-Cola Corporation? As the same goes “Bad press is better than no press at all.” We all just watched a coke ad. Free advertisement for them, whether you like the commercial or not.

  32. I have watched and read all of the comments and I am floored at just how defensive they sound. Can people have a point of view without the condemnation? I volunteer at a community radio station that has been around for 42 years and they will not take money from the Coca-Cola company because the company has proven over four decades that they don’t care about people, including American workers.

    So what if the point of the ad is a subtle message that the dominant culture is always the good benefactors and the indigenous peoples of Fill In The Blank Nation are a little backwards and / or worse poor and needy. This is what Colonialism is about. Let’s make the masses believe that our culture/lifestyle/race is better than theirs. It has been done in this very country to the Native populations and it has been done all around the world for centuries.

    Please do no be so naive to think that the million dollar marketing budget doesn’t go to studying how to make the viewers think the way they want us to.

    That the “Us vs Them” language runs rampant throughout the comments. That is the saddest part in my opinion.

  33. Super racist….didn’t you see the KKK hooded member behind the wooden coke bottle about to light it up! Watch again and look at the end. If you don’t see it, keep watching. I am offended.

  34. The liberals are ever demonizing anything they can that will make them look like the Great Hope for the world. This is simply another pathetic ploy by them to get those that enter the US from Central and South America to sympathize and vote for them. Terrible, shame on the liberals. As another poster stated, helping others should be encouraged not discouraged – my wording.

  35. so what’s the racist part. I think you’re just trying to find something to complain about,maybe I’m wrong I will watch again and if I am wrong I will post it but I honestly feel like ya’ll are trying to make something from nothing

  36. LOL Pepsi probably behind this backlash on Coke and Everyone fell for it!! hahahaha. Really, I should be mad, no black people in the video. .just saying….. hahahaha

  37. What made me cringe was at the beginning where the kids are using power tools and tackling each other. That and walking around with that cooler open. Apparently, nobody taught them shop safety or the effect tropical air has on ice.

  38. You are all missing the problems here. What offended me was 1) the obvious lack of shop safety at the beginning. Never tackle a guy holding a running grinder. 2) WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY GRINDING, ANYWAY? 3) I would never let a teenager borrow a classic El Camino. No way that’s coming back without a scratch. 4) Don’t get me started on them carrying that cooler around with the top open in the tropics.

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