Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live:’ Did I Cancel My VESNP for this?


Unlike many of my Latino peers, I decided to break my Very Exciting Saturday Night Plans (I had none, actually) to watch NBC’s Saturday Night Live, an appearance that enraged — and divided — Latinos, many of whom even took to the streets in protest and all.

Oh, the disappointment!

While I didn’t expect to laugh (SNL’s comedy has not been funny for quite some time now,) I was at least hoping to see some sensical comedy applied to the already-comedic-person that Donald Trump is. Alas, there was none of that. Instead, SNL “writers” threw in a few “jokes” about Mexico, with Enrique Peña Nieto bringing Trump a check to build a border wall (zzzzz) and something about ISIS former members now working for Trump Hotels.

Oh, and what’s with suggesting that the President of Mexico would have anything to do with Telemundo changing its programming to all English?

This thing was all over the place and not funny at all. I want my Saturday back.


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2 Responses to Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live:’ Did I Cancel My VESNP for this?

  1. aldoquevedo says:

    Thanks for the recap. I’m happy I didn’t watch.

  2. Jim says:

    SNL’s glory days are long gone.

    Scraping the “ratings jar”, by having Trump the Chump on.

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