State Dinner Menu for Macrons to Feature Tomato Jam, a Sort of Fancy ‘Capsu’

First Lady Melania Trump has planned a state dinner for French president Emmanuel Macron –and wife– that incorporates the “celebrated gastronomy of New Orleans – a city founded by the French and still famous for its French Quarter.”

According to multiple sources, said menu will consist of a rack of spring lamb and Carolina gold rice jambalaya, and it will include a side of something called “Tomato Jam,” which this blogger can only imagine is some sort of Ketchup or –as Mexicans would say, Capsu or Catsup or even Capsut.

And it is in that spirit of tonight’s big binational event that I’d like to invite you, dear reader, to reminisce the  Capsu/Capsut/Ketchup, which is almost as classy as the Columbia vs. Colombia one.


Or is it Capsut?


5 thoughts on “State Dinner Menu for Macrons to Feature Tomato Jam, a Sort of Fancy ‘Capsu’

  1. My five year old daughter essayed a flash of playfully linguistic brilliance the other day by asking for ‘Sopa de Gato’ on her sincronizado.

    Think about it…

    Sopa de gato = cat soup = catsup

  2. I grew up in a German household in which tomato jam was a seasonal staple, made with ripe tomatoes, sugar, lemon rind and a cinnamon stick. Delicious. Would love the recipe for the jam being served tonight,

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